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Set up an efficient loyalty program with FourSeeds

Why implement an effective rewards program?

Did you know that retaining a customer costs 5 to 25 times less than finding a new one? This is where a loyalty Program comes into its own: Profitability.

A loyalty or rewards program allows a company to get closer to customers through marketing operations that create a link between the company and their customers. Loyal customers are looking for experiences, and these experiences are an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the brand. Membership is different than just having a regular account, as it provides access to members-only specific benefits and discounts. Nowadays, cultivating consumer entertainment beyond product interest is essential for peaking interest and building loyalty.

The development of technologies, cell phone use, social media, and improvements in data processing are game-changers for Loyalty and Marketing.

To become a member of the program, customers enter specific information — email address, phone number, and name — all of which takes very little time. After that, customers can add more personal information to their accounts. This is where the process starts. At this point, all of the customer’s interactions with the company can be followed, kicking off the data-analysis process.

Our FourSeeds platform helps you create segments, manage program rules, and update customer points based on their online or in-store purchases.
When setting up a loyalty or rewards program, segmenting the customer database is the key to targeting. It allows you to group the members of your loyalty program into precise and relevant segments in order to carry out targeted actions. This is the role of FourSeeds. It allows you to filter all the acquired data and cross/combine them. As a result, targeting is more relevant and you’ll obtain better customer returns, always with a view to building loyalty.

Such programs make the customer experience more enjoyable, promote the brand, and drive acquisition.

Working with your data, FourSeeds is able to create segments based on specifically defined criteria.

You can then activate rules and attribute points or rewards based on customer actions, purchases, communication reactions, behavior, etc.

Customers understand that for marketing purposes companies are trying to extract as much information about them as possible. However, in return, they expect a tailored, seamless, and personalized customer experience.

To make a loyalty program great, companies must constantly be looking for ways to deepen the relationship with customers and make a real difference.

FourSeeds helps your company understand members’ needs and wishes, providing customer insight, and empowering the company to constantly learn and tailor offers.

An effective loyalty program relies on three key drivers: Personalization, Targeting, and Experience.

Start activating these 3 drivers with FourSeeds.
FourSeeds helps your company manage a loyalty program quickly, easily and effectively, and helps you provide real added-value rewards to Customers.

Work with us and use FourSeeds.

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