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Real-time Triggers

Would you like to communicate with your customers on a personal and precise basis?
Real-time triggers are the answer.

With FourSeeds you can automatically send your customers emails in real time. 

The best way to retain your customer base is to strengthen your relationship with your customers. To do so, you need to have frequent communication with them.

Consistent relevant contact with customers minimizes the likelihood they would ever entertain the idea of going elsewhere. 

Customers need to feel attached to the brand, and they need to feel privileged interacting with your brand. That is why you should do everything you can to increase their brand loyalty.

Communication is the key to success. When you send communications tailored to customers’ behavior and needs, you establish relevant personalized interaction. 

 FourSeeds equips you with all the data you need so as to truly know your customers.

Our platform makes it possible for you to send the right email at the right moment to the right people in your database. This can be based on behavior, purchase path (e.g. abandoned cart, inactive customer), or information you already have about them (i.e. location, birthday, etc.). 

Keep your customers attracted to your brand with emails that encourage them to buy thanks to special promotions or private sales. This helps customers feel valued and increases their purchasing frequency. 

Knowing your customers means you are aware of what they like and what peaks their interest. You can then set-up strategies to enhance cross-selling and encourage existing customers to discover new products. This again will push them to purchase more. 

Last but not least, setting up the right communication with your customers can help you become a « top of mind » brand, also known as “most remembered” or “most recalled”. It helps create a real identity that customers feel attached to. 

Marketing triggers are defined according to the strategies the company selects. Each strategy addresses different questions. Once the criteria have been defined, all that remains is to use a CRM (customer relationship management) solution, such as FourSeeds, to implement the strategies. By using our platform, automatic emailing becomes easier and faster, saving you time and money, and marketing teams are free to focus on other projects. 

FourSeeds is a highly effective tool for your business because of comprehensive data analysis. By analyzing all the data, you are able to track the profitability of emails sent, and thereby improve targeting.

By definition, your triggers will be more cost-effective, and you will gain profitability.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase sales for your business. 

Work with us and use FourSeeds. 

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