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Track and measure your marketing campaign performance in real-time with FourSeeds.

For a company, measuring return on investment (ROI) is vital.

A well-known financial indicator, ROI is a numerical result that makes it easy to calculate the profitability of a project, an action, or a marketing campaign.

In concrete terms, knowing ROI allows you to compare investments by factoring in the money invested and the money actually earned.

Therefore, tracking ROI provides a significant advantage.

Not only does ROI help a company analyze performance and make decisions, but it also helps drive strategy.

Knowing the ROI of an action is key in determining the best investment choices. 

With FourSeeds, you can keep an eye on your projects and campaigns by visualizing the returns generated by your actions so you can easily ascertain which ones are the most profitable.

Track your figures directly in the platform and take advantage of fast, adaptive, and interactive multichannel dashboards tailored to your pre-defined time period, segment or grouping.

With customized dashboards, you can easily determine the profitability of your chosen actions and target where improvements are needed for better performance.

Are you a company? Do you want to better understand your customers according to your data and results? You’ll love FourSeeds!

Measure ROI quickly and easily with a tailored and visual tool. The FourSeeds platform also details each action’s profitability. In other words, follow your figures at each strategic stage so you can optimize them or launch corrective measures where necessary.

Depending on your needs, multichannel ROI dashboards allow you to make custom analyses, such as ROI by campaign, type of campaign, or trigger profitability.

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