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Our vision

Data is at the heart of our business.

In an ever-changing world, today’s citizens and consumers are increasingly sensitive to the commitment of organizations and companies to the fundamental issues of health, society and the environment. 

Therefore, the transparency of processes and the genuine commitment of companies and institutions have become essential criteria in the eyes of consumers. Companies can no longer be satisfied with simply meeting their customers’ expectations, but must also adopt a proactive approach and anticipate these new aspirations. 

Being a data-driven company today not only means knowing how to manage the efficiency of its actions in real time thanks to intelligent data management, but also responding to these new societal challenges by integrating both legal and environmental traceability (GDPR) at every stage of production and creation of its products and services. Aggregating, protecting, managing and dialoguing with data while reducing the ecological impact of digital technology is the challenge of Meteors’ offer, which is in line with a data ethic both in its capture and its use. 

Smart Data For Outstanding Experiences, or how intelligent data management can offer unique experiences that respond to the current challenges of today’s citizens and customers.