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Le Tanneur

How Le Tanneur increased +25% reach with fourseeds

Originating in 1898, Le Tanneur is a global retail company specialising in leather goods. The French premium brand is known for its high-quality lifestyle products, including handbags, wallets, and leather luggage.


After outsourcing its e-commerce operations, Le Tanneur wanted to regain control of its premium brand, as well as its communication and data. The company decided to relaunch its website and e-commerce operations internally. Without a large development team in-house, Le Tanneur was looking for a flexible solution that allowed it to easily manage its online storefront. It wanted a platform that could provide an intuitive payments integration, including powerful features to prevent fraud, improve conversion rates, and accelerate online sales.


Le Tanneur relaunched its e-commerce site on Shopify with the Stripe Connector. Thanks to Stripe’s flexible integration, Le Tanneur can now modify and update its payments settings without the resources of a robust development team. Stripe’s integrated product stack offers fraud protection and smart payment features, which reduces friction at checkout. Le Tanneur was reassured by the native association between Shopify and Stripe, enabling efficient reconciliation from point-of-sale to payment.


The move to Stripe and Shopify doubled Le Tanneur’s online conversion rate from its previous website. The checkout experience is optimised to reduce complexity, which was key in enhancing Le Tanneur’s premium image. 

“The Stripe Connector for Shopify allows us to provide our customers with a payment experience above market standard, right out of the box. No longer were our shoppers forced to create an account to pay; they could pay in record time,”

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