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How loyalty fell in love with AI


FourSeeds, the first AI-driven loyalty platform, was developed by Data Agency Meteors. 

Meteors is a 10-year-old French company founded by tech and marketing enthusiasts who wanted to make Data the cornerstone of company strategy.

More than 60 brands have already trusted Meteors’ expertise to enhance Customer knowledge, engagement, and conversion across their multichannel journeys.

Meteors is composed of a team of CRM experts, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Traffic and Campaign Managers, all dedicated to Customer performance.

FourSeeds by Meteors is an SaaS platform (Software as a Service), allowing companies to put customer data at the heart of their strategy.

A unique suite of features delivering a 360° customer view, FourSeeds facilitates real-time interaction across all channels.

This new generation loyalty engine was developed with academics and AI experts.

This new generation loyalty engine was developed with academics and AI experts.


Combine, engage, drive, and predict: Those are the 4 Seeds for a new kind of AI- and DATA-driven business.

FourSeeds was conceived and developed to do the following:
– Aggregate multichannel customer Data
– Ensure Data Quality Management (Merging, Deduplication, Enrichment, etc.)
– Manage opt-ins and consents, guaranteed GDPR compliant
– Segment Database in Real time
– Manage Earn & Burn (Loyalty and Reward programs, etc.)
– Manage Campaigns
– Predict ROI


GDPR Compliant – processes are made to protect personal data: hosting, security, traceability, anonymization, and portability, etc.

Partnership with University of Marne la Vallée for optimizing prediction algorithms, commercial pressure, etc.

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